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Gee Whiz!
« on: August 11, 2019, 06:17:55 pm »
Jamie's itching has continued but the minute you pick him up, he snuggles up against you and purrs and often goes to sleep.  Off to the vet we went again as he had not been there for awhile.  He's still eating the turkey food and really seems to like it.  It takes forever for the old food to really get out of his system.  The vet wanted to do a senior panel so we did that and everything on that came out beautifully.  His calcium was just a little higher and he said a lot of times it can be a marker for cancer, however, everything else, including the pancreas, liver and kidneys were spot on normal.  He also said that there are few drugs for allergies for cats and the two ear drops he would recommend, we've tried and Jamie was not a happy camper when we tried them.  So, we are back to the same old thing and fortunately the Skin Soother spray from Jackson Galaxy seems to help about as much as anything.  You do have to rub it in and then wipe him off as it will produce massive hairballs if you don't get him dry and he tries to lick it off.  He actually lets me spray it directly on him.  He is definitely one sweet boy.

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