Author Topic: Why avoid a backyard breeder, and what is a backyard breeder?  (Read 316 times)

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(This article still needs some work.)

The only reason why there are breeds at all is the Cat Fancy.  The Cat Fancy is the totality of clubs of cat breeders who are breeding as a hobby to show their cats and create beautiful, healthy cats.  The Cat Fancy decides on recognized breeds that can be shown and catalogs the standards for each breed.  Breeders then "breed to" the standards decided on by the clubs.

In order for a cat to be shown, the the cat must have a pedigree, which is maintained in the registry of the club (ie. TICA, CFA, etc).  The registry is the way the cat club tracks club cats and kittens.  The information in the registry is checked and verified only when a cat is would take an army of people to verify data entered into the databases.  Both fortunately and unfortunately, it's very easy to register a litter of kittens.  To register in TICA, for example, only one of the litter's parents must be of that breed.  The reasons for rules such as this are to track new breeds which allow outcrosses.  For older, more developed breeds such as Ragdolls, no outcrosses are allowed, meaning if a cat has only one Ragdoll parent, the cat is not a Ragdoll.  This is why knowing how to read a pedigree is important.  If you don't know how to read a pedigree, go to a show and learn how!

If someone is breeding cats and not doing it for show, then why are they breeding?  Breeding is expensive, both monetarily and emotionally.  Someone not breeding for show is doing so to make money.  So how do you make money breeding cats?  Well, you start with "less expensive" breeding cats.  Reputable breeders charge a premium for breeding rights, and new breeders are required to have a mentor to enter breeding.  Someone breeding to make money will avoid spending money at all costs, often acquiring cats that look like Ragdolls but aren't actually Ragdolls.  They will cut costs with if someone is *not* breeding for show, they are breeding to make money. Breeding cats is not a good way to make money, it's too costly, even if you cut costs. So if the person is breeding to make money, they have to cut a whole lot of costs, including important ones that affect the health of cats and kittens. If you're going to spend money on a cat, it should at least be healthy; otherwise, rescue a life from the shelter.
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