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Christmas Signature Competition!

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How about some fun!
I know it's early but I always think the forum looks great when around this festive season season it all 'decorated' with Holiday/Christmas themed siggys.

There's no limit to how many signatures you may enter, just post them in this thread from now on until just before Christmas for the competition.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries! :D

Entry #1:

Entry #2:

I only have the one and it can be found in my siggie line. PB is not working for me at all right now, so I have to use Flikr and it takes me forfreakingever to get all of the "extra" stuff out of the code, then I mess it up and have to start all over, so for the sake of what little is left of my sanity, I will just let you see it in my sig line. lol

It's just a bunch of cheesy overlays from Pic Monkey, but it's still kinda cute and the best I can do. :)

Colleen!  BOTH of yours are very lovely! I really love the "old fashioned look" of that first one!  Nicely DONE!

I'm also using Flickr at the moment, just easier right now!

Thanks. I thought I'd do a Victorian style for a change and then the more traditional one. :)

Love all the Santa hats, lol, so cute!

Love both of Colleens and Linda's

Colleen - should we holiday up the front of the forum too ;)


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