Frequently Asked Questions about The Ragdoll Cat


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[1] Is My Cat a Ragdoll?

[2] Photos of cats that are not ragdolls, or: How confusing does it really get?

[3] What is a Reputable Breeder? How do I find a Reputable Breeder?

[4] Why avoid a backyard breeder, and what is a backyard breeder?

[5] HCM in Ragdolls (and all cats)

[6] I want a Ragdoll Cat or Kitten

[7] Why Avoid a Breeder that Breeds Minks? (or sepia or solid or blue-eyed white)

[8] The Truth about Minks (and Sepias and Solids and Blue-Eyed Whites)

[9] What is breeding, anyway?


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